Welc​​ome heart ​and flower lovers…​​​​​​


The Heart And Flower Box was created to entertain, fascinate, educate, surprise, humor, compliment, engage and elevate hearts around the world. Users of this site will have the opportunity to earn points they may then redeem for items located at PurpleToyShop.com.

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Earning and redeeming Your Points is a new and developing enterprise connecting HeartAndFlowerBox.com to PurpleToyShop.com, a sister site.

Website master R. Renée Bembry is just getting started to ​fill this platform as she adds it to her growing list of fun family online entities.

Bring your heart by often for an interesting entertainingly good time while following along with site updates. Learn more about how to participate in the fun by acquainting yourself with the site’s Your Points system and how to earn badges. Join the site by clicking the Login button in the top left-hand corner of most site pages.

Again… This site is just getting started… So bookmark this page and follow @Robinabitz on Twitter to treat your heart to loving specialties to come!

Visit Ms. Bembry’s other family site ventures at MyStoriesAndPoems.com where kid friendly poetry rules and PurpleToyShop.com to discover hard to find toys, games, books and more…