HeartAndFlowerBox.com was born from an idea that all things heart-related deserved a special place online; and what could be more special than a lovely heart-decorated flower box… But then… Of coursee… The fact that flowers bear societal significance directly related to matters of the heart, such as, the need to present them on special days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, newborn baby birth days, graduations, and other such occasions, it appeared obvious that sharing a site about hearts with features about flowers was a no brainer. Thus, the notion of placing hearts and flowers together in an online tinderbox became another webmaster R. Renee Bembry brainchild.

R. Renee Bembry is a writer of children’s poems, eBooks, and all occasion cards as well as family attractive articles and stories. She began growing her online presence with her first website FunnyPoemsForKids.com while exploring the internet with her preschooler. Later she founded MyStoriesAndPoems.com, ToyFanatik.com, and other fun online places to read and to seek hard to find gifts. Ms. Bembry has also written numerous articles for Helium.com.

Ms. Bembry​ began penning prose while in middle school after deciding a poet should have added one more verse to a poem about cats. Before long she was penning her own poems, songs, and children’s stories too. A visit to her website MyStoriesAndPoems.com will present you with her special talent for making humor of almost anything about life, nature, and the world in general; and if you’re looking for a special toy, especially a hard to find one, you should check out her website ToyFanatik.com where she lists toys she loves to collect and offer to her followers.


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  1. Good afternoon,

    My name is Brett Bastello and I work with FTD, the floral delivery experts. I came across your site while doing research for an upcoming project and noticed that you have a great resources page here: https://www.heartandflowerbox.com/beyond-the-buds-floral-resources-and-more/

    We recently posted a visual guide to roses on our blog (ftd dot com blog share types-of-roses) and it has since been approved and shared by the American Rose Society on their resources page. It would make a great addition to your page as well.

    We would love to be added to your site and keep spreading awareness and information about these beautiful flowers. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!



    Brett Bastello
    Community Outreach Manager

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