Autosocks for Snowy Icy Weather

Using Autosocks Instead of Chains When Driving on Snowy or Icy Roads

Awakened to inches of snow the weather report never mentioned, or you simply failed to hear before falling asleep the night before, could mean switching your vehicle to snow tires or adding chains before your morning commute. Switching tires could easily take a good half hour or more of your driving time—and what if you need to get air for the snow tires? What’s more fitting tires with bulky chains can be time consuming as well as annoying.

Unexpected changes like these could cost as much as forty-five minutes to an hour by time all the pieces are laid in their places, and yet; you could easily save a fair amount of this time if you had a pair of AutoSocks traction aids in your trunk or sitting in your garage awaiting your use.

What Are AutoSocks?

Simply put, AutoSocks are socks or covers for tires. They were developed on the concept of elderly Scandinavian women placing socks over their shoes so as not to fall when touring their villages over ice and snow.

AutoSocks were not designed to be smooth or gentle like socks for your feet, however, AutoSocks are made to be strong and durable so as to increase friction between your tires and the road when snow or ice are on the ground. The AutoSock company uses GripTech® technology to accomplish this feat.

AutoSocks are made from a durable lightweight fabric that you slip around your tires sort of like slipping a hairnet or shower cap over your hair. AutoSock fabric consists of unique fibers formulated to maximize tire grasp of the road under slippery weather conditions.

AutoSocks are great for cars and trucks, they come in various sizes in order to accommodate the multitude of tire options; and you can place them around your tires in a matter of seconds.

As hinted to above, in addition to snowy conditions, AutoSocks work well to aid tires in gripping the ground under icy conditions. Under many circumstances, AutoSocks can completely save the need for snow chains; and their application is so easy that even women can put them on with ease.

Some Great AutoSocks Features

  • Ease and quickness of installation—even women can place them with ease!
  • Different sizes to accommodate individual tire sizes
  • Use on front tires to accommodate four-wheel drive vehicles
  • Accommodates vehicles with minimal clearance space in areas associated with the tires, the suspension, and the body
  • Works with electronic vehicular safety systems ABS, ASR, ESP, and ASC+T
  • Intended for driving 30 miles per hour under icy and snowy conditions—not for dry road use
  • Easy to handle as well easy to store

AutoSocks store easily in your trunk, do not require air like snow tires, are not heavy or bulky like snow chains. AutoSocks come with two-year factory warranties against manufacturing defects and workmanship and they cost between $79 and $99 per pair. Using AutoSocks to protect against snow and ice can save you time, money, and keep you and your passengers safe in an instant.

Find your state’s approval requirements for Autosocks here.


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