Dressing for Success: How to Look 10 Years Younger

Looking Years Younger No Matter What Your Purpose

You might be happy to learn that dressing to look ten years younger could be a lot easier than you think. This is because dressing to look ten years younger can easily be accomplished by imitating fashion conscious media personalities.

Classy newscasters and movie stars tend to dress for success whenever they are on the air and whenever they anticipate they might be on the air. Since media personalities have reputations and facades to uphold, they tend to take advantage of every opportunity to exploit the personas they represent. The personas they represent are usually themselves when they were younger. So, they make certain to dress to look younger than what they really are.

For this reason, no matter if they are in their thirties, forties, fifties, and in some cases their sixties, these camera hogs always seem to look younger than they are. Why? Simple…their need to look good spurs them to wear “in” fashions. This means mimicking them can help you look good too.

Watching media personalities are not the only ones who can inadvertently help you dress to look ten years younger however. You can get pointers at the store while you are shopping. That is right – while you are shopping. Just look at what the mannequins are wearing.

Displaying mannequins is the means by which clothing stores show their customers what styles are new and what styles are hot.

Also, check out what upper level department store associates wear. High-end department store workers tend to dress in sophisticated professional attire. Mimicking their look could be as valuable as mimicking media personalities.

In furtherance, you can just come out and ask associates to recommend outfits for you. Many of them are good at assessing clothes based on how they interpret your personality, size, and skin tone. Try on some of what they recommend and a few things you select for yourself. Ask them what they think when you check yourself out in the mirror.

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of older women making is buying clothes that look old in the first place. Although there are modern styles aplenty that will not complement older women, there are also modern styles aplenty that will. The trick is to stay out of “older” clothing sections and venture more into the earlier styles you used to wear. If dropping a few pounds will help – do it. In the end… You will be glad you did.

So – there you have it. Your first easy steps to dressing ten years younger – and you do not even have to buy a fashion magazine to get started!


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