Low Pollen Flowers for Allergy Sufferers

Flowers for Allergy Sufferers Gardens Patios and Table Vases

Flowers with little to no pollen are like godsends to allergy sufferers who prefer not to eliminate flowers from the interior of their homes, their patios, their gardens… their lives!

Every year come springtime, poor pollen gets subjected to mounds of unfavorable publicity. It is like everybody wants to talk about pollen floating through the air wreaking allergy havoc and no one wants to talk about the fact that pollen is simply doing the job Mother Nature assigned it which is to keep our great huge earth prospering. Perhaps this is why, come each spring, when all the complaints crop up, poor pollen simply ignores the criticisms and continues with her tasks. Even though this means people will continue to sneeze, cough, run their noses, ache their heads, and yada-yada-yada! Well, even if pollen sympathized with seasonal allergy sufferers, what could she possibly do?

Well…pollen may not be able to solve human allergy dilemmas, but humans could help themselves and each other by planting low pollen flowers and or flowers without any pollen in their yards. They can also display pollen free flowers in patio rooms, sunrooms, and in their homes. Moreover, just think…low pollen and pollen free planting could remove a bit of stress from poor lady pollen and help her feel better about her job.

When planting low pollen flowers, you can enjoy reduced pollen flowers yourself and share them with friends, family, and associates that suffer with pollen intolerant immune systems. Flowers become pollen free when their recessive flower genes duplicate themselves.

If you like tall flowers, a great place to start with low pollen and pollen free flowers is with sunflowers. Sunflowers come in a wide array of sizes, colors, petal formations, and seed display. Plus, many of the hybrid types are not only low pollen, but pollen free. Another great thing about pollen free sunflowers is they tend not to drop yellow dusty stuff all over the place.

A few examples of pollen free sunflowers are Munchkins, Lemon Éclair Starburst, and Moulin Rouge.

Munchkin sunflowers are yellow petal flowers with green centers. Munchkins grow as tall as two feet and you can grow them in gardens or in containers.

Lemon Eclair Starburst grow lemony yellow petals that surround chocolaty centers. A great thing about these flowers is that they grow as tall as five to six feet! This is super for gardeners who enjoy standing head to head with their crops.

Lemon Eclairs have semi-double petals with the outer petals longer than the inner petals; and they adorn homes with elegance when cut and set on tables.

Allergy sufferers looking to plant low growing flowers with little or reduced pollen levels in their gardens might want to try periwinkle (mutant).

Other good flower choices for allergy prone flower lovers include low pollen bougainvillea, low pollen daisies such as pansies, violas, impatiens,  and baby’s breath when picked at certain bud stages.

Oh… Yeah… One more thing – if you love lilies but cannot find low pollen or pollen free types you can remove lily anthers thereby removing their pollen.

Attempting to utilize flowers because they have low degrees of pollen may be a good way to enjoy spring blossoming beauties. All the same, however, allergy sufferers should be prepared to put away (or do away with) any flowers, even low pollen flowers, that wind up in their homes. This is because low pollen flowers are not exactly “guaranteed” to prevent pollen related allergies; and thus their ability to prevent attacks should be dealt with on individual bases.