HeartAndFlowerBox.Com Your Points Badge Hierarchy

Earning Badges at HeartAndFlowerBox.Com


At HeartAndFlowerBox.com, you earn points as you interact with the site and with other users of the site. The amount of points earned is determined by particularly activities as discussed on the Activities Page. You can check your current number of points at anytime by mousing over your user name.

This points system hierarchy shows how many points must be earned to reach each badge level. Once badges are earned, they will appear in your Profile.

Newbie BadgeNewbie Points Badge

Minimum Your Points:   10
Maximum Your Points:   99

Earner Badge Earner Badge

Minimum Your Points:   100
Maximum Your Points:   999

Gold Earner Badge Gold Earner Badge

Minimum Your Points:   1000
Maximum Your Points:   4999

Heart And Flower Box Silver Earner Badge Silver Earner Badge

Minimum Your Points:   5000
Maximum Your Points:   9999

Platinum Earner BadgePlatinum Earner Badge

Minimum Your Points:   10000
Maximum Your Points:   25000

Expert Earner BadgeExpert Earner Badge

Minimum Your Points:         25001
Maximum Your Points:   1000000

These Your Points distributions are subject to change at any time at the HeartAndFlowerBox.com site owner’s sole discretion.

Your Points erroneously awarded will be modified to show correct balance(s) in user profiles and other applicable areas.

Badges given in error will be changed to reflect the correctly earned badge, if any.

Post questions and concerns regarding this Your Points badge earners list in the comment box below or in the main website forum.


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