Thanksgiving Pilgrim Collars Made Easy

Easy Way to Make a Thanksgiving Pilgrim Collar

Making a Thanksgiving pilgrim collar is quite simple, and yet, there are various ways to go about making one. The method one chooses should depend on the item – or person as the case may be – for which the collar will be used. A complete pilgrim costume intended for use in a play, for example, would require more fabric and different kinds of supplies than a collar intended for a paper roller pilgrim.

You can use these instructions to make collars of differing sizes. You can use materials such as cloth, construction paper, and felt to form the collar basics. Again – the type of material you choose to meet your needs will depend on your project. The main thing is that you follow the basic steps to construct the collar(s).

Step 1

Consider the item needing the collar and determine how much fabric you will need to properly fit the item. Also decide what kind of fabric to use and weather or not it will be necessary to put more than one piece of material together to complete the collar.

Step 2

Purchase or otherwise obtain the material. The material should be square or rectangular. However, if it is round or consists of scraps that will be combined for the finished product, the collar can still be made using this method. It will simply require a bit more creativity and insight on part of the crafts person.

Step 3

If the pilgrim collar material is square or rectangular, fold it in half lengthwise, and then fold it in half width-wise.

Step 4

Using a pencil, piece of chalk, or a thin lined light colored marker, and starting at the [double] folds on the upper left, draw an arch from top to bottom of the left side. Cut the arch out.

Step 5

Draw a slanted line from the lower end of the arch all the way across to the [single] fold that should be on the right. The slant should reach about one-fourth the distance up the fold and should imitate the right side of the letter “v”. Cut out this half v-shape.

Step 6

Draw an arch approximately two thirds from the upper folds. This arch should extend downward about one-sixth the distance of the fold and it should end at the fold. Cut this arch out.

Step 7

Unfold the material. There should be a hole in the center of the pilgrim collar for pulling the collar over the head down to the neck.

If making a Thanksgiving pilgrim collar for the first time, practice these steps with a sheet of paper to make certain you are performing them correctly prior to utilizing them to make your finished product.

If putting several pieces of material together, sew or glue them into a square or rectangle and then proceed with steps 1 through 7.

As stated above, the size of the collar will depend on what the collar will be used to adorn. After practicing the steps, transfer the concept to the actual end product and then increase or decrease arches and cuts accordingly.


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