Poems From the Heart

Odd Matters of the Heart

Here you will find a growing list of poems centered around issues involving the heart. The poems may be humorous, serious, silly, sad, provocative, or thought stimulating. Fans of poems that rhyme will be pleased to discover that most of the heart-related poems posted here will invoke the rhyming style. All the same, however, free verse as well as other types will be added as well.

I gave my heart to an ant

Who toted it to his colony

Distributed it to the young

Spreading my love around

I gave my heart to a cow

Who fed it to her calf

Suckling it’s mommy’s cud

Soothing it’s hunger pangs

I gave my heart to a dino

A Tyrannosaurus Rex

Whose sharp teeth seared organ flesh

Dismantling all I gave​

I gave my heart to a lover

Who bludgeoned it with poor words

Dismantled it with unkindness

Whisked it to the wind

Then along came a sweetheart

A joyous marvelous love

Sat me by a lovers’ hearth

Warmed all my blues away​


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