Shower Curtain Hole Repair Help

Easy Ways to Repair Torn Shower Curtain Holes

Shower curtains disconnected at corners or dangling in mid sections where they are not supposed to dangle can easily distract from the appearance of otherwise perfectly decorated bathrooms. For this reason, shower curtains that dangle where they should not dangle can be quite annoying for decorators. You do not have to live with dangling curtains in your bathroom, however, nor do you have to replace them. All you need to do is learn how to repair shower curtain holes.

Repairing shower curtains with pesky holes is easier and more practical than replacing the entire shower curtain. What’s more is that repairing torn shower curtains is relatively inexpensive and sometimes as cheap as fixing holes in sheets of binder paper.

Repair Method One

In cases of binder paper repairs, or fixes involving any paper with holes punched for binders, you repair the holes using self-adhesive reinforcement discs. Basically, these discs are doughnut shaped pieces of paper that are sticky on one side. The sticky sides are moistened and applied on one or both sides of the paper just around the hole areas. Then when the paper is placed over the binder rings, it stays around the rings the way it is supposed to. Since shower curtain holes are made to resemble binder paper holes, they can be repaired using the same principle.

Because shower curtain repair materials must be waterproof in order to withstand the test of time in moist environments, shower curtain hole reinforcement discs, called “savers”, should be formulated from plastic rather than paper. These savers are a great investment because in addition to repairing torn curtain holes, they can prevent curtain holes from ripping in the first place.

For prevention, simply attach curtain savers around shower curtain holes prior to hanging the curtains. If you have already hung your curtains, you might want to take them down and add shower curtain savers to them especially if you have children. Children are more likely than adults to cause tearing in shower curtain holes when showering because they cannot reach the uppermost parts of shower curtains when sliding the curtains across the rod to enter and exit the shower. Thus, they are more likely to tug curtains from mid to lower levels in ways that pressure holes against curtain rings.

Shower curtain savers come in packs of twelve, which is the number of holes punched out in standard size shower curtains; and you can find them online for less than four dollars per pack. You might want to get two packs, however, because just as when you repair binder notebook paper, you may want to reinforce each side of the curtain with a disc. This strengthens repairs and makes tear prevention more full proof.

Repair Method Two

Another method of shower curtain repair involves using strong clear tape. Tape you would use for mailing a package is great because this tape is generally pretty wide. To repair holes with tape, simply place tape over one side of a hole, fold it over the top of the curtain, and then fold it downward across the opposite side of the hole. Press the tape firmly against either side of the curtain. Also let a smidgen of excess tape spread across the hole on both sides of the curtain.

After the tape is in place, use a one hole punch to insert a hole through the tape in the area containing the original shower curtain hole. Punch the “new” hole all the way through before re-inserting the shower curtain ring. Repeat this process for all holes you need to reinforce and then re-hang the curtain.

Repair Method Three

You can also use a grommet tool to repair your shower curtain. Using the grommet tool method is more costly than the two methods mentioned above unless you already own a grommet tool set. A set could cost about the same as a new shower curtain. At any rate, this type of repair affixes metal, rather than plastic eyelets to shower curtains. If you like the idea of using metal reinforcements, you may prefer this method. The only thing is if you repair one hole, you may want to reinforce them all so they will not look different from one another.

Either of these methods will prolong the life of your favorite shower curtain or curtains and keep you from having to redecorate your bathroom all over again. After all, searching for the perfect shower curtain all over again may lead you to a replacement curtain that does not match your current decor; and what will you do if you just have to have the new, non matching curtain anyway!? Decorate the entire bathroom again… Well… That’s up to you!


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